How we Operate!

We are always excited about breaking new frontiers for our clients' needs. From Corporate Premise surveillance to Forensic Data Analysis to Fleet Vehicle and home security monitoring, our ability to cater to needs is boundless!

1. Discuss Security Surveillance Needs

2. We'll design Custom Solutions

3. We Deliver


Wolcott-Niepce offers a suite of high-technology-powered remotely-controlled and monitoring camera surveillance system products, for different applications. Our clients range from hotels, banks, government parastatals, corporate headquarters, private homes, among others.

Why Choose Us?


Our security services can be suited specifically for our clients' use-case. Security devices are installed and routed as per clients' needs. Every installation need is carefully analysed and deployed as required.


All our surveillance cameras deliver video feeds in real-tiime delivered to an end-point to which they are configured to route. End-points could be monitor desktops or smartphones on which a mobile interface is installed.


Whie we strive for the best service-delivery experience for all clients, alongside, our support staff are available to provide post-delivery or post-installation supports for all our clients.

What people say?

The safety of our staff and vehicles is paramount and its amazing to know that we have someone watching over them remotely for utmost output and safety measures

Swift Oil.

What people say?

Moving goods has always been a tough business but with the KV360 cameras onboard our trucks and buses, peace of mind is what we have experienced and our drivers do not try any funny practices.

Red Line Logistics

What people say?

We installed the kv 360 majorly for the security of our on-field sales representatives. The inbuilt navigator also assists our sales representatives to access client locations easily".

Precise Lighting Limited