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Top-Notch Installation Services

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Careful planning

Our Technnicians typically draft out your surveillance needs and map the optimum installation strategy first before rolling out the installation process.

Highly skilled Technicians

Our Technicians possess vast knowledge about the operations and experience in industry-standard installation of a wide range of complex surveillance sytems.

Years of Installation experience

All our Installation staff possess multiple years of experience in installing our products, ensuring your installation needs is handled by the most qualified hands.

Adherence to Standards

At Wolcott Niepce, all our technical staff are mandated to follow global security standards and codes in carrying out installations.


Additional Installation Information

At Wolcott Niepce Limited, We place a heavy emphasy on technical expertise throughout every facet and level of our installation services. This installation service ensures your surveillance equipment is configured for optimal data capture and retrieval performance, saving you time and money, and extending the life of the hardware and software components of your security solution.

Most of our customers who purchase our CCTV surveillance products are often intmidated by the thought of having to complete the set up of the surveillance sytems themselves. We totally understand why. While, it is not a very difficult process, we acknowledge the process can be quite tedious and time-consuming, because of the level of carefulness required and specification of protocols that must be strictly adhered to.

No matter how complex or extensive your coverage landscape is, our network of local surveillance installation specialists possess the expertise and quality of workmanship to seamlessly integrate our solution with your existing infrastructure. So whether you need installation from your home to business to a property, we have got you covered.

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